I have been working with FedAuth cookie and sometimes rtFA cookie with Office365 authentication. Recently I came across SPOIDCRL cookie while logging in using .NET library, but I couldn't find much information on that, or the related library IDCRL. Questions:

  • What is the IDCRL libraray, when and how is it used? How does it fit into the big picture of authentication generally? (so far all I got from my search is that it appears to be used heavily by various Online apps)

  • What is SPOIDCRL or other IDCRL cookie? How is it related to the other common claim based cookies (FedAuth)?

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To the best of my understanding is that not much has changed. SharePoint Online is now looking for SPOIDCRL cookie rather than FedAuth cookie. The FedAuth cookie was used and depended a lot on ADFS. The new SPOIDCRL is now using Azure AD Sync Service.

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