I would like to export a Sharepoint 2013 Standard list to a Sql Server table regulary without the need of SSIS. In best case they should stay in sync (with some latency of course) but it's just needed for 1-way (SP -> SQL)

I heard of BCS but thought that's only to plug in an external source (Sql table) to sharepoint (not vice versa)

How can I implement that? (It's an existing Sharepoint site)

  • What's the version and edition of SharePoint? – Robert Kaucher Feb 17 '15 at 16:31

One way would be to create a SharePoint timer job + server side code to periodically move the SP List content to a designated SQL table. Another would be to set a Powershell script to copy your list content to a SQL table and schedule that via a Windows scheduled task.


Erik makes some good suggestions and without knowing about the table and which version of SharePoint you are running I'd suggest you try using BCS. It's pretty easy to set up and you can control permissions just like a regular SharePoint list. But with BCS there would be no need for a sync job as the table would be surfaced directly into the list.

If you have any further questions about BCS, just add them to your original question.

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