SharePoint 2013 document library I want to give access to client where they can upload and view their uploaded document and can see all documents shared with them.

I have managed to show all document shared with them only by deactivating a feature but now they can't upload any document, If I create a permission set to allow them to upload documents, they will see all other documents as well which are not shared with them.

Any suggestions?

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1) Modify the default view to only show documents that were created by/modified by [Me].

2) Add a new web page to the library and gave exclusive rights to access that to a certain set of users.

3) Restricted all users from creating a view with the help of creating special permission level where user only had access to upload or delete a document but not creating/updating/deleting lists/views. Also disabled private view creation.

  • I can't put modified by me condition, I want to show all documents to my team members and only shared documents to my client.
    – Ali
    Commented Feb 17, 2015 at 23:34

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