So I have a column set up for a people picker. The person searches his username and selects the correct one. I have an email workflow setup so when the appropriate parties are emailed his username will appear in the email. The issue is i get different characters such as School-sso-member lastname%2cfirstname (username). How can i set it so that just the username appears or the name when the email reaches the persons inbox?


  • Can you add some additional detail? I'm not sure if this is a Visual Studio workflow or a SharePoint designer workflow. Also, what sort of authentication are you using? Windows AD? Is the SharePoint Foundation or Standard/Enterprise? If it's Standard/Enterprise do you have the user profile installed/configured/running? Feb 16, 2015 at 21:01

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If this is a SharePoint Designer workflow, you can choose to get the display name out of the people picker field instead of the login name.

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