Interesting issue for SharePoint power users:

I embedded an image into our SharePoint site and added some hotspots (hotspots are clickable hyperlinks assigned to different areas of an image).

enter image description here

The Problem:

I'd like to edit the text that's part of the the image. For example, a hexagon that is labeled "Training" I might want to rename "Costs". Or, my bigger problem - what if I want to add another hexagon to the image?

There doesn't seem a way to easily add text to an image in SharePoint.

Of course, I could make the changes in Word, re-upload the edited image and redraw the hotspots, but this would be a total time waster.


Is there any way around this? I should mention that my image is a screenshot of some (Microsoft) Word SmartArt. Is there a way to embed this piece of word art instead? Or perhaps somehow add EDITABLE text on top of each hexagon hotspot?

I'm using SharePoint 2010. Thanks!


Use SharePoint Designer. Very straightforward. Open the page holding image, click into image, and Picture Format with Hotspot option pops up. Make sure to Save and then exit Designer.

  • Did you read my question? I'm already using hotspots. The issue is being able to edit the image itself without reuploading.
    – chompy
    Mar 10 '15 at 13:58

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