We have successfully configured the environment for deploying apps in a SharePoint 2013 on-premises installation, and have installed a couple of apps (Corporate News App and Resource Reservation) without problems from the Office Marketplace.

But only a small percentage of the apps are shown as available to install, the big majority, around 95%, are grayed out and when clicking on it to install, the page that loads has this message:

Sorry, this application is not compatible with the server.

Looking in the logs, we have found that in a lot of apps, Sharepoint writes this record everytime we open the app page in the Marketplace:

Prerequisites Checking for App '[App Name Here]' failed: Unknown capability with ID='SupportedLocales', name='Configuraciones regionales admitidas', version='' is not available.

Both Windows Server and SharePoint language is Spanish.

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Problem resolved, I just needed to install the English language.

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