Using same solution proposed here: Confirmation Page / Custom List

Url is included in a function that generates newpost.aspx in a pop up. It worked once but then stopped which is weird.

function showPopup() { var options = { 
url: 'https://xxxxx/Lists/Posts/NewPost.aspx?Source=https://xxxx/thankyou.aspx',
title: 'Submit A Recipe', 
allowMaximize: true, 
showClose: true, 
width: 625, 
height: 850
SP.SOD.execute('sp.ui.dialog.js', 'SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog', options); }; 

Called with:

<a href="javascript:showPopup()" class="btn btn-success">Submit</a> </div>

UPDATE: Using an inline javascript it DOES work. The difference appears to be that the function approach adds "IsDlg=1" to the url of the pop up, whereas the inline method does not: Function: newpost.aspx?Source=redirectpage.aspx&IsDlg=1 Inline: newpost.aspx?Source=redirectpage.aspx I want to use the function because it fires the "dlg" box which looks better than a bland new window.

  • I see you are using SP.SOD.execute(), is the Scriptlink for jQuery OnDemand parameter set to true? – Ransher Singh Feb 13 '15 at 16:18
  • Ransher-I don't know - how would I find out? Clearly sp.ui.dialog.js is not loading so I guess not. When I use the trick outlined here it works: sharepoint.stackexchange.com/questions/53559/… – matt Feb 17 '15 at 19:47
  • On the link you provided the Sharepoint:Scriptlink has a property OnDemand="false", that was what I was asking, whether it is set to true or false for you – Ransher Singh Feb 17 '15 at 21:40
  • Using Office 365 flavor of SPO 2013, can I make that change? If so, where? In Sharepoint Designer? – matt Feb 18 '15 at 2:56

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