I have been asked to setup NLB unicast for SharePoint 2013 farm with 2 WFE and 2 Web Applications using SSL/HTTPS.

I know with Unicast, you need two NIC, one for management and one for the cluster node.

I know at an IIS level I will need a unique IP address for each Web Application.

How many Cluster IP (VIP) will I need for the two Web Applications?

Do I need a unique IP for the Cluster IP each FQDN of the web app or can I one Cluster IP and map it to several FQDN (Web App URL)?

2 IP - Management 4 IP - IIS Binding (1 ip * 2 (web app https) * 2 (number of WFE servers)) ? IP - Cluster IP

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One. The one VIP goes to the two NIC card IP addresses that you set up in NLB as each node.

The NLB nodes are those IP Addresses that are members of the cluster - Web Front End 1 - Web Front End 2

Use Multicast. You should be able to use the cluster IP for all FQDNs, just point the DNS for each to the cluster VIP.

  • sharepoint.domain.com -> Cluster VIP (
  • projects.domain.com -> Cluster VIP (
  • etc.etc.

Here is a good article about it: http://blogs.technet.com/b/meamcs/archive/2012/05/29/prepare-sharepoint-farm-part-3-prepare-nlb-for-sharepoint-web-front-end-wfe-servers.aspx

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