I have a 2013 farm(ADFS) and i trying to crawl my 2010 farm(Claims-NTLM),the approach i was planning for is

  1. Use Publishing/Consuming Concept - This will not work since 2013 cannot consume any service application from 2010 whereas viceversa it will work
  2. Create Federated Result Source - This concept crawls the indexes of the 2010 farm and returns results in 2013 - I am not sure how to do that any help is appreciate.

Please let me know if there is any any other feasible way to accomplish this.Thank You

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You are right, you cannot consume from 2010 to 2013 farm.But you can consume the services from 2013 to 2010.

In order to search 2010 content in 2013.

  • Build a trust between 2010 & 2013 Farm
  • Publish Search Services in 2013 Farm
  • Consume it on 2010 Farm.
  • Set the permission
  • Create content source.
  • run full crawl.


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