I have a ListView that I am binding to a SPList. In this list view I would like to have a link to each SPListItem.

Microsoft has conveniently decided that the URL member of an SPListItem should be a mysterious link that does not work. After some research I found some other people that had run into this and used the following work around:

listItem.ParentList.Forms[PAGETYPE.PAGE_DISPLAYFORM].Url + "?ID=" + listItem.ID

I attempted to shoe horn this into my ListView ItemTemplate and it almost works (using 0 instead of a PAGETYPE):

            <a id="a_ItemLink" href="<%# DataBinder.GetIndexedPropertyValue(((SPListItem)Container.DataItem).ParentList.Forms, "[0].Url")  + "?ID=" + Eval("ID") %>" runat="server"><%# Eval("Title") %></a><br />

The issue that GetIndexedPropertyValue sets my links to something like this:


I'm not sure why it would include the Microsoft.SharePoint.SPForm part, but obviously this is not working. Has anyone successfully DataBound to a SPListItem and extracted the URL? Am I doing something wrong above?


If you have items from one list, you can use this solution:

// Column with link
var hyperLinkField = new HyperLinkField();
hyperLinkField.HeaderText = "Display item link";
hyperLinkField.Text = "Show";
hyperLinkField.DataNavigateUrlFields = new string[] { "ID" };
hyperLinkField.DataNavigateUrlFormatString = list.Forms[PAGETYPE.PAGE_DISPLAYFORM].Url + "?ID={0}";

This was tested and works with SPGridView and GridView.

That code should be similar to this aspx markup:

  HeaderText="Display item link"
  DataNavigateUrlFormatString="<%= list.Forms[PAGETYPE.PAGE_DISPLAYFORM].Url %>?ID={0}"

MSDN reference for HyperLinkField:

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It's casting properly (which is why you're seeing Microsoft.SharePoint.SPForm), but it's not getting the property that you're trying to set. What exactly does the [0] correspond to? Can you try "[\"Url\"]" instead? I'm getting that from this link.

Edit: Aaaand I just noticed that the link is to your own post :)

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  • Haha, yeah similar issue. My Problem is that I got that working and the URL that is returned doesn't work. Apparently this is the expected functionality (I would like to hear an explanation from Microsoft on that one....) – Abe Miessler May 23 '11 at 18:04

If you are trying to pass more than one fields in target url, you can simply add one more field in the DataNavigateUrlFields array, like this:

hyperLinkField.DataNavigateUrlFields = new string[] { "ContentFolder", "ID" };

What I just mentioned can be an obvious thing for a smart developer, but I just wanted to say it out loud because I was trying to find the solution to allow multiple fields and when I came across this solution, I wondered, what if I do that, would it help? and it actually did.

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