Suppose a SP list like below:

prj#      project     PM      Director     VP

1         prj1      John     Smith     Joel

2         prj2     John     Nina     Susan

3          prj3     Ahmed     Nina     Joel

4          prj4     Steve     Nina     Susan

5          prj5     Steve     Hagen     Allan

What I want to do is, when John who is PM logs in he could only view first 2 records, or when Nina logs in she gets record 2,3 and 4, etc.

Few users will see everything, no restrictions. say CEO or SVPs

Is this possible?

And can this be done in a better way than this type of list.


Expecting the PM field to be user field, you can create a view which filters by PM. Simply set PM to [Me] and this will result in showing all those rows where current user is PM.


You can restrict with item level permission by workflow on item created. Use "Replace List Item Permissions" action.

Or by browser to click item and click "Item Permissions" and set individual permission for group or single user.

Item Level Permissions

Be aware, this method should use with small amount of data

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