I have setup a calendar overlay.

I have added two custom Calendars to the overlay. I have tried different combinations of adding CalA and CalB When the calendars share the same day CalB is always on the top and CalA is always on the bottom.

I would like to have CalA always on the top.

Some other notes than may be causing this:

  • I have generalized names in case this is a naming problem. The calendars names start with P and O. The O calendar is always on top.
  • CalB always has longer time periods. Date ranges are always 7 days. CalA are always under 5 days.

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If you have added Calender A as an overlay to Calender B, i.e in calender B settings, you have selected calender overlay and selected calender A, try other way around.

i.e Go to calender A settings, choose calender overlay and select calender B.

Its working at my end.

  • The base calendar is empty. I have added the two custom calendars to the overlay.
    – DarkSheep
    Feb 5, 2015 at 20:56

Sounds like an alphabetical ordering. Rename your calendars with an index character first, ie. 1-CalA & 2-CalB.

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