I have a list (Project tracker) that has a column (Resource) that allows for multiple entries. I'd like to figure out a workflow where:

  1. An item is entered in the tracker and multiple names are added to the resource
  2. the item is copied to a Resources table and listed multiple times (one time for each resource)

For example: In project tacker list: Project xyz Resources: Danielle, Karen, Debbie copies to Resource list Project xyz Resource Danielle Project xyz Resource Karen Project xyz Resource Debbie


Usually, we can achieve this with following workflow.

Set workflow variable: test = current item: customers (return as Lookup Values, Comma Delimited)

If workflow variable: test contain “user1”,
 Create new list item in TestCast list
If workflow variable: test contain  “user2”,
 Create new list item in TestCase list
… add other “if” clause for remains “users”.

But this only works when it is a finite number of “customers”. For a large number of “customers’, we are unable to create so many “If” clauses for it. In such scenario, I would like to suggest you to create new items from custom event receiver with Visual Studio instead.


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