Before, I managed to access the URL http://spn_v1:15778. But after my Active Directory restarted, I cannot access this URL. I got error

HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: Microsoft-IIS/9.8
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2015 08:42:13 GMT
Connection: close

I open the log and I found this message.

enter image description here

For info, when I created a new Web Application with different URL and port, I managed to access the application without any error.

I tried to use the available solution here, but still didn't work.


I have tried to detach the content database for that web application and attach again. But still didn't work.

EDIT ---

I tried to create new site collection in same web application. The result i can access the URL which is http://spn_v1:15573/sites/tms/default.aspx.. But when i try access URL http: //spn_v1:15573, it is still display same error (Connection Close). How could i use the URL? (http://spn_v1:15573)

  • Any chance that port is used by something else? Did you try IIS reset? – luccio Feb 4 '15 at 9:43
  • @luccio, I think no.I've reset the IIS and still display same error which is connection close.. – razif Feb 5 '15 at 4:03

I what you can do for a test is to remove the current Content Database that is beneath the Web Application. This should be the Site Collection that holds the Root Site Collection. This means "/" Site Collection.

Create a new temporary content database under the Web Application, and create a new Site Collection. If the problem is persisted remove the web application and create a new one.

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  • if i create new web application meaning that i need to create again site collection and page which i have created before? – razif Feb 5 '15 at 1:28
  • Yes, you have too... just for confirmation. Sometimes something goes wrong. Or your page has been checked out with another account, or is by accident deleted? – pipelinecache Feb 6 '15 at 10:17

My solution to this problem is to create new site in the same farm. The new URL will be http://spn_v1:15778/sites/newsite. But unfortunately i cannot uses the root URL "http://spn_v1:15778" .

Thank for your help and feedback @pipelinecache

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