In our organisation we published a asp.net mvc application in internet , and other side

also we have a share point internet portal.

for asp.net mvc application :

here every authenticated user login to asp.net mvc application ,

every registered user and authenticated user stored in sql server database.

for share point :

share point application has enabled claims authentication and not allow anonymous log in for users

and a specific group of active directory users only has permissions to view this share point portal.

Here in mvc application there is a service to view the some BI data and this data is in sharepoint web application

here how i connect authenticated mvc application user to view the BI data in sharepoint?

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You can prompt user to enter SP credentials. Or, you do not even need the mvc app authentication and use directly the SP one - just prompt the window with login, check if the user was authenticated and use this for mvc app access and SP BI access.

Or, go the claims way and configure STS

  • the first step is external user login to asp.net mvc application and authenticated using farms authentication , and after that how i will authenticate same user to sharepoinit web application and it is claims based authentication enalbe.
    – adilahmed
    Commented Feb 10, 2015 at 19:50

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