After some hours of google searching I eventually arrived on this site and found this thread:

Where's Application Management in Sharepoint 2013 Online?

Regrettably whereas various users have marked the thread a "duplicate" neither I nor google nor this site's search engine appear to be able to find the original question and its solution.

Please may I humbly suggest that marking entries "duplicate" (as if an admonishment) devalues the support that I have heard about from stack exchange and to be positive please revise your protocol so as to include a link to the original solution - since clearly I cannot find it and my experience here is that you all know the answer but have no intention of telling anyone else - I know that is not the intention, but it is the effect. Exacting a penance in the form of having to search again is not an effective disciplinary tool: for myself, I only ask when all else has failed.

So, I will be very grateful if someone will please (I am practically begging here) tell me the solution or provide a link to it.

I do hope you can accept my post in the constructive manner in which I have sought, in difficult circumstances, to write it.



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Application Management Option is not available in SharePoint Online as this is only available on-prem Farm.

In order to Give Anonymous user access to your website, there are couple of options.


This isn't available in SharePoint Online.

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