In an InfoPath 2013 form that accesses a custom list, I would like to add functionality to the form. When a user clicks on a button, checkbox, and/or some other item, I would like to change a 'status' value in the workflow. Basically when the item is clicked, I would like to start that part of the workflow.

Thus can you tell me if I can place a button in the 'Ribbon' that is auto generated by InfoPath and/or if I can place a button somewhere else on the form?

If so can you tell me the following when the user clicks the button and that starts the workflow?

  1. Can I place the button on the ribbon? (Can you let me know if this option is possible and how to accomplish this goal?)

  2. Can I place the button just somewhere on the form?

  3. Can I place the button in the ribbon and somewhere on the form?

Of the option you chose, can you tell me how to accomplish that goal?

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1) do not use the ribbon for this, use custom infopath buttons

2) check this Custom Buttons

3) Here is the link to a detailed example of Infopath Workflows InfoPath Post I'm working on the English version but the screenshots are really clear, If you have any doubt let me know.

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