I am using SharePoint2010. I have a search result webpart with a filter on a content type. I would like to append this filter with a boolean column = true.

See below the current filter:

(ContentType="Project portal")

I would like to append the filter with column SRExperienceRecord=True

Should it be something like this???

(ContentType="Project portal") and SRExperienceRecord=True

(ContentType="Project portal") and SRExperienceRecord=1

This is the managed property which I craeted. I did a full crawl already.

$managedProperty         = "SRExperienceRecord"
$managedPropertyType     = "3"
$refinementEnabled       = $true
$crawledProperty         = "ows_srExperienceRecord"
CreateManagedProperty -managedPropertyName $managedProperty -managedPropertyType $managedPropertyType -refinementEnabled $refinementEnabled
CreateCrawledPropertyMapping $managedProperty $crawledProperty

This is the solution:

ContentType="Project portal" and SRExperienceRecord="True"
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