I am using a Content Query Web Part to display Blog posts on my homepage(a publishing site). My question is how can I

  1. Compose my post URL to point to another sub-site(a publishing site also) and make the post content be displayed in a content query web part.
  2. Use the Content Query Web Part pick the post_id from the URL

E.g user clicks on this url

        <a href="http://domain/publishingsubsite?post_id=4">Read More</a>

The post_id is picked by my sub-site and displayed with a content query webpart


You can filter Content Query WebPart using Query String (in your case post_id)

For that

  1. Edit the webpart and in the Additional Filters section.
  2. Add a filter which says "ID" is equal to [PageQueryString: post_id]
  3. Save and stop editing the page

I was able to do this by following the tutorial link pasted below


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