I'm coming to an issue :

  1. I want to create a page layout whith a Summary Links Webpart.
  2. I went to the design Manager
  3. I chose my layout
  4. I get the Snippet Gallery
  5. I get the Summary Links WP code
  6. I Copied/Pasted it to my layout via Sharepoint Designer
  7. I checked the code : nothing says "only in display mode".

When i go to a page using this layout, I can see the title of the WP. When i want to edit the page, and add links to the webpart, i can't : i only see the title of the page, but nothing more, nor the "add group" nor "add links" buttons. So i can't edit my WP and add Summary links...

And this is what i want : i want the users to add Links to this specific WP. I don't want them to always be forced to add the WP when they create a page.

Do you have any idea on how to achieve this?

Thanks a lot for your help. Gaëlle

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I have had the same struggle. I have found a way to make it work via a site column. I created a new site column with the choice of Summary Links data. I added the site column to the content type I am using for my page layout.

This allowed me to add a working summary links snippet to the page. The snippet will show up under Page Fields instead of Dynamic Content

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