I have my SharePoint moss site with so many list and their view. I have add these views on my site pages.

I have migrate this site to SharePoint 2013. In SharePoint view up-gradation has been done successfully.

But I am not able to view "+ new item" link in my lists, list web part and their views. From ribbon bar I can add that but I don't want to use it. How can I put this link on list template.

I am looking for any solution like using java script, using powershell or manually.

I will be grateful if you can help me out in it.

  • Go to the list that is lacking the link
  • Select the view that doesn’t have the link appearing
  • Select Edit Page from the Site Action menu
  • Edit the list web part properties
  • Note the current Toolbar setting
  • Change the Toolbar setting and click Apply. Any selection other than No Toolbar should cause the link to appear after you click Apply.
  • Reset the Toolbar setting to that noted in 5 and click Apply again. The link should be appearing correctly.
  • If you need to do this for additional views on the list select the view from the Selected View pull down menu and repeat steps 5 to 7 for each view.
  • When complete click the OK button and then click the Stop Editing button in the page ribbon.

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