Basic Example

  • mysite.mysharepoint.com has clientside code that wants to access a list on mysharepoint.com due to whatever reason.
  • the Same-origin policy forbids this

Possible Workarounds


While this is easily possible, I tend to avoid serverside code.


  • SSOM

Edit web.config

An simple web.config edit allows the communication.


  • all front-end servers have to be modified
  • hardware changes can affect the outcome


For Apps SharePoint provides some ways to enable cross-domain calls. (SP.RequestExecutor, SP.WebProxy) so you could communicate with the app and the app communicates cross domain. Same for CSOM apps while you here can work without the policy.


  • need of an app


Editing your own web-service's web.config isn't as critical as editing the SharePoint one. The web-service itself could access the data via SSOM (needs to be hosted on a SP server) or CSOM (much more the 2013 way). If configured correct, the service returns JSONP which can be consumed.


  • need of an web-service


If you have any suggestions or know other ways to solve the problem (SP365 Custom Action?) feel free to add them to this collection.

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Not sure that YQL would solve it. As below sample

var site = url; //Cross Domain URL goes here
var yql = 'http://query.yahooapis.com/v1/public/yql?q=' + encodeURIComponent('select * from xml where url="' + site + '"') + '&format=xml&callback=?';
// Request that YSQL string, and run a callback function.
// Pass a defined function to prevent cache-busting.
$.getJSON(yql, function(data){


can try with Ajax as below,

$.support.cors = true;
    url : url,
    cache : true,
    type : "get",
    data : _data to be sent,
    global : false,
    dataType : "jsonp", //Specifying JSONP would make the magic for cross domain call
    jsonp : false,
    success : function jsonpCallback (response) {
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    – Mx.
    Commented Feb 20, 2015 at 11:06

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