Trying to compare 4 fields (only if populated) against one another so that no data is duplicated? I've tried something like this but gets too long.

=IF(LEN(f1=1), IF(LEN(f2=1),f1<>f2,FALSE),FALSE)
=IF(LEN(f1=1), IF(LEN(f3=1),f1<>f3,FALSE),FALSE)

Can you show me a better way to do this?

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The formula will be long and there is no way to escape it. If possible you should do this in an event receiver.


The logic is a follows

  1. If any of the field is blank then return true
  2. else
    • if f1 = f2 or f1 = f3 or f1 = f4 then return true
    • else if f2 = f3 or f2 = f4 then return true
    • else if f3 = f4 then return true
    • else return false

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