Created a Approval Workflow as follows:

Start **Approval Process** process on **Current Item** with **PT.KT.Admin**

Here PT.KT.Admin is a DL used by me.. which has approximately 16 members.

When i run this Approval worklflow NO task email is dropped to this DL. But if i assign only one person the Task email is dropped.

Reason? Solution anyone? ASAP. Thanks


This is not a SharePoint issue rather an Exchange server issue. To resolve do following on the exchange server

  1. Exchange Management Console
  2. Recipient Configuration
  3. Distribution Groups
  4. Right click the group PT.KT.Admin
  5. Select Properties
  6. Mail Flow Settings
  7. Open property for "Message Delivery Restrictions"
  8. Uncheck - Require that all senders are authenticated.

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