Within SharePoint 2013, are there any OOTB tools that will allow me to do a news posting? For example, display 5 to 10 postings on a single page, and each item has an expiration date. Anyway to do this without turning on mysites or additional software applications?


There are many ways to achieve this. From my experience the simplest and flexible approach is to make use of Content Search WebPart

  1. Create a custom list where you want to manage the News Source; Or better create a new content type (You can add RichText fields to capture the News Description, you can have a news title, you can have an image etc.)
  2. Once this is completed, create a page where you want to display the data
  3. Now edit the page and add a Content Search webpart
  4. Change the webpart query to get all items have the Content Type you created in #1 also add extra filter to remove expired items
  5. You can set the Number of items = 5 or 10
  6. Choose Display Template of your choice
  7. Save and exit
  • this sounds exciting, let me try to go in and follow these steps in my system.... – klewis Jan 15 '15 at 15:12
  • Sadly CSWP is an enterprise only feature =[ – Choggo Jan 15 '15 at 16:03

Just to add to the answer posted here, you could use the out of the box Annoncements app which is a list pre-configured for news and announcements.

If you want to have news on pages then it makes sense to use a custom list or create pages in the Pages/Site Pages library and use Content Search Webpart to display them on the page you want.

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