I want to use the Backup-SPsite powershell command to backup my SharePoint Enterprise 2013 site collection but want to keep only a week worth of backups

A backup will run everyday Monday to Sunday and then the oldest backups are overwritten, also an email notification to say the backup with successful would be great.

Is this possible?


Generally yes, but you will need to write a PS script doing all the described work for you instead of just a single command. You can get more useful info about Backup-SPSite command here. Also you can find good examples of usage of Backup-SP* commands here.


Yes you can do this using powersehll. Refer this article.

For sending email use powershell command Send-MailMessage. More on this from here

  • Why should we create a TimerJob in SharePoint instead of running a powershell script as a scheduled task in this scenario? And if we use a timer job, why not send the email from the SharePoint code? – Robert Lindgren Jan 11 '15 at 18:01

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