I am querying for duplication of column name in the web using REST query. My query is as per below:

http://siteCollection/sites/Project1/_api/Web/Fields?$select=InternalName&$filter=toupper(InternalName) eq 'TITLE'.

The reference I got from this site. But whenever I am running the same query in the REST Client I am getting following error:

The function operator 'toupper' is not supported or its usage is invalid.

What am I missing in my query? Or this is not a way for doing the case insensitive query then which way is preferable?

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    If you are looking to find duplicate columns, note that the internal name will always be unique. So I am not sure what exactly you are looking for. The best option is to get all fields and then using JavaScript string functions you can review the same. Jan 10 '15 at 13:09
  • I am providing different GUI to users for creating the field. And prior to creation of field I want to check whether the field is already available or not. That's why I am checking for duplication in the field internal names.@AmalHashim
    – users1100
    Jan 20 '15 at 12:15

toupper is not supported. Below is the list of supported functions

enter image description here

On the other hand if you use ListData.svc endpoint you can use toupper to perform a similar query.

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