In my environment I have found that the when using IE 10 I cannot access the list ribbon is some lists. Is this because of an update?

Is there a way to fix this?


  • I have one list where I have 76 items (ribbon works fine)
  • I have another list where I have 2576 items (ribbon doesn't work)

I have tried to see if I'm missing the addons. (I'm not)

Could it be list view threshold?

I also get this error "SharePoint library not registered" when I try to debug.


The error started 07 jan 2015, before that everything worked as it should.


IE 10 comes with Compatibility Mode switched off

Try performing following steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer 10
  • If the Menu bar isn’t visible, click Alt on your Keyboard.

  • Click Tools | Compatibility View Settings.

  • Select Display all websites in Compatibility View.

  • Click Close.


Also be sure that there aren't additional web parts on the list view. If you have more than 1 web part on list view you should firstly click on list area, after then ribbon will appear.

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