This is regarding SharePoint 2007, I have 3 list in a site called "A", "B", "C".

I have combined this 3 lists in one and created a new list called "D" using SharePoint Designer 2007.

Now showed the List "D" fields or data on webpart in designer but it's not coming up as I expected.

I'm giving here as an example of 3 list. enter image description here

After joining this 3 lists using JoinView in Designer, result showing up as given below. enter image description here

And I need to show these 3 list fields or data as given below.enter image description here

Can you please help?

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As per your requirement, relationship between List B and List C should be based on Corrective Action no column of List B not Issue ID.

  1. Update List C by adding Corrective Action no from List B and removing Issue ID.
  2. Create a linked Data Source say "DS1" with List B and List C.
  3. Create another linked data source with List A and DS1...name it as DS2
  4. Use DS2 as the data source of your DVWP.

Hope this will help you..


Thanks Avijit.

I tried but problem couldn't be solved. As list "A" is parent and rest list is child.so once I drag the fields on webpart of DS2 which contain the field of List "A" as well and then select JoinView, and followed the steps as given here in this link: can you please follow this link so that you can better understand the problem.

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