I'm using sharepoint REST api using JavaScript to replace a file in a doc library. Here is the url structure I'm using.

<!-- language: lang-js -->

props.webUrl + "/_api/web/lists(guid'" + props.listId.slice(1, -1) + "')/RootFolder/Files/Add(url=@filename,overwrite=true)?@filename='" + encodeURIComponent(props.file.get_name()) + "'"

This call is not working if my filename contains apostrophe (ex: Shekar's.pptx). The browser is rejecting the call and throwing Bad request error and showing message like

The expression "web/lists(guid'cde87068-baf9-4863-910e-049bd7f3e04e')/RootFolder/Files/Add(Url='Shekar's.pptx',overwrite=true)" is not valid`.

I know the expression 'Shekar's.pptx'is wrong. I tried to encode with encodeUri, encodeUriComponent, escape and escapeProperly- None of them worked, still getting the same error messsage. Any ideas?

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Use two quotes. That is 'Shekar''s.pptx'


@Nadeem Yousuf is correct. You should escape it using either double quotes or by using \

Here is a little function you can use for that

function escapeApostrophe(title) {
    title = title.replace(/'/g, "''")
    return title

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