I created a list and a new webpart for the list. I don't want to show title of the webpart. I clicked "Edit the webpart" and then I clicked Appearance and I selected "None" on the Chrome Type.

At first, it seemed using this method solved my issue. But when I refreshing page, webpart's title is shown again.

How can I disable the title permanently?


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You should click on Apply then Ok on the web-part properties window.

Also make sure page is published.

During editing the page, the title will get displayed, and we can't change that behavior.

  • the solve isn't permanently. When I refresh page, titles are visible again. And I add shown item limit, but item limit doesn't work, when I refreshing page.
    – zengel
    Commented Dec 25, 2014 at 6:51

Step 1: Edit the page in which you have added your webpart.

Step 2: In the web part property go to edit web part.

Step 3: In the Apperance menu select None for chrome type.

Step 4: Click on Apply and then OK.

I am using Sharepoint 2013. Hope it will work.


Use CSS code to hide the web part title:

.ms-webpart-titleText{display: none;}

I had this issue a while back. To solve that, do the following:

In the web-part, go to it's Properties, then go to Appearance. Here, in Chrome Type select None, this will hide both the title and border.

Example: How to hide the web part title

Hope it helps. I'm using SharePoint 2013.

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