I've inherited a SharePoint site that includes sub-folders in the document libraries.

When a customer attempts to set an alert on a particular sub-folder, they wind up receiving alert emails for the entire document library. They have requested email workflows as a way around this, but I'm having trouble publishing a workflow that applies only to the sub-folder. The workflows will only publish at the library level.

Is there a way around this?

Even better would be to have a workflow at the site level that allows the email list to be defined whenever it is added to a certain sub-folder so that I can use an email with dynamic text across different libraries/sub-folders.

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My support group provided me with the answer to the alerts issue. If you navigate to the folder that contains the sub-folder, click on the sub-folder’s ellipsis, click the ellipsis in the pop-up, and select View Properties…

Subfolder properties screenshot

…you will get to the properties of the folder. From here you can select Alert Me.

Alert Screenshot

You can tell you are in the right place because the title of the alert will contain the sub-folder name:

Alert Title screenshot

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