Hi we are now on removing all of our 6 Info Path Forms Applications in our SharePoint Portal and we are planning to convert it either by Custom List/SharePoint Apps/ASP.NET Application.

Now we only have 1 month or 2 just to finish the 6 application and I think that by using Custom List the development will be faster but the problem is that we have Master/Detail forms in Info Path forms which i cant find any samples doing it via SharePoint Custom List 2013.

There is a sample at this site which is done in SharePoint 2010 but cannot be done in SharePoint 2013 because it doesn't have Designer view. http://howididit-sharepoint.blogspot.hk/2012/12/master-detail-in-sharepoint-12.html

Do i need to pursue using Custom List or just do it by ASP.NET MVC?

Any help and suggestions is appreciated.



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You can use "Web part connections" to achieve master/detail in custom list. Please refer to link below for entire set of steps: Web part connections

"Web Part Connections" allow you to connect two different web parts on the same page. Conceptually speaking, one web part provides an input from a column to another web part's column. Depending upon the input, the target web part will get filtered.

Web part connections in action

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