I have created a document library programmatically using C#. Now, I want that when any particular document library created then its 'add document' button should not view or if possible then whole panel of add/edit/delete should be invisible. I am working on Office365 & sandbox solution.

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You could hide a New button in List View using:


button.js-listview-qcbNewButton {



How to apply the changes:

  • Switch the page (AllItems.aspx) into edit mode
  • Add Script Editor or Content Editor web part into page.
  • For JavaScript code, put the specified code by wrapping it using script tag, for example: <script type="text/javascript">$('button.js-listview-qcbNewButton').hide();</script>
  • Save the page

whole panel of add/edit/delete should be invisible You have to create new form and add this CSS into its PlaceHolderMain section

$('.ms-dlgFrame').load(function () {
  $('.s4-pr.s4-ribbonrowhidetitle', frames[1].document).hide();

For more info refer to



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