I am now interested to see if I can create an App Part based on the MVC site.

I have got as far as adding a Client Web Part (Host Web) and it gives me two options.

The first option - Create a new client web part page adds a WebPart page to the SharePoint App project but I am not sure what I need to do next.

The second option - Select or enter a URL for an existing web page doesnt give me any options in the drop down list.

I have seen instructions on how to create App Parts based Web Forms based applications but nothing on doing it with MVC based apps so I dont know if this is even possible

Has anyone else managed to do this?

Could somone please respond with instructions, that will be very helpful !!

Thanks, Pandiarajan K

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Answer: MVC AppPart Controller template has been included in the recent Visual Studio 2013 (Update 4)

phew :)

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