Can someone tell me what the best approach is to roll back a SharePoint app?

For example, when I have app X and version is in my corporate app catelog. If I now upload version in my corporate app catalog, I'm still able to do a roll back by setting back the previous version of the app.

But what if I already updated the app in all my sites, so all my sites are using version of the app. Is there a way to easily do a rollback of the app back to version Or is the only way creating a new package with version and update again?

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Only creating a new package with version and update again is OK. Downgrade is only possible by using a script when you will need to go through all the sites and remove the app ( and re-add (crazy)

  • In similar situation ended up to removing app from site and re-adding it. Bumping up version and running update didn't actually rollback (update) the app properly.
    – Kim B
    Apr 25, 2017 at 10:23

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