On our SharePoint 2013 on-premise farm, I have created an Enterprise Wiki. By default all the wiki pages are created under /Pages/ library. Under the libraries I created some folders (i.e. /Pages/Animal/ , /Pages/Plant/). Under those folder I created a wiki page (e.g. /Pages/Animal/index.aspx)

On the index.aspx page content area I typed in [[Dog]] and save the page. I click on the "Dog" link with dotted underline, SharePoint asked whether I want to create dog.aspx.

However it doesn't let me choose the path. End up all the new wiki pages are created at /Pages/ root (i.e. /Pages/Dog.aspx)

How can I get around this?

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To create wiki page at specific path, instead of [[Dog]], I need to type [[Animal/Dog|Dog]]. The end result will be a dotted link "Dog". When click on it and create a new page it will be created under /Animal/ folder.

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