I am creating a simple example that demonstrates client object model using javascript. I have ceated a simple JS file in Visual Studio and an aspx page using the SharePoint Designer.

I have used the following command in my aspx page to include the sp.js and sp.runtime.js files but no success and so I get an error which says "ReferenceError: Type is not defined" when I run the page. the command that is used to include the sp.js is:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/_layouts/sp.js"></script>

and the code in my js file which I created using Visual Studio is:

jQuery(document).ready(function ()


I am working on SharePoint 2013 enterprise edition and I have not used custom master page.

I am not able to figure out what is issue. Comment ASAP.

  • Please confirm if this is SharePoint online? Are you using a custom master page? The sp.js reference you added is it inside the AdditionalPageHead placeholder? – Amal Hashim Dec 18 '14 at 12:58
  • Ok how about the 3rd question. – Amal Hashim Dec 18 '14 at 13:00
  • Please try that. – Amal Hashim Dec 18 '14 at 13:02
  • Let us continue this discussion in chat. – Amal Hashim Dec 18 '14 at 13:03
  • For some reason Chat page is not allowing me to login.. Ok can you please open the aspx page in SharePoint designer.. then search for AdditionalPageHead.. – Amal Hashim Dec 18 '14 at 13:05

Try adding following references to the additional page head of the page

<script type="text/javascript" src="_layouts/15/sp.runtime.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="_layouts/15/sp.js"></script>

Then try using following script

jQuery(document).ready(function ()
    SP.SOD.executeFunc('sp.js', 'SP.ClientContext', retrieveListItems);

function retrieveListItems() {
    alert('Libraries Loaded');
  • Can you create a page using SharePoint UI instead of Designer? – Amal Hashim Dec 18 '14 at 13:14
  • In my case it worked just using jQuery(document).ready(function() { SP.SOD.executeFunc(…) }); because Sharepoint was loading sp.js after my script – Piero Oct 3 '18 at 15:20

I used include all the requires javascripts as per the below sequence and there by I was able to include the SP.js.

<script src="/_layouts/1033/init.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/_layouts/MicrosoftAjax.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/_layouts/sp.core.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/_layouts/sp.runtime.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/_layouts/sp.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

I have referred this link.

The most important of all is that one should include jquery.min.js and not jquery.js. This is small point which would create havoc in your life.

  • So was your problem in the end that your reference to jquery was incorrect? – Submits Dec 19 '14 at 17:58

It could be you're calling retrieveListItems before SP.js has been fully loaded, in which case try:

SP.SOD.executeFunc('sp.js', 'SP.ClientContext', retrieveListItems);
  • I have tried this but it gives Type not defined error for SP.js. – Mancy Desaee Dec 18 '14 at 12:22
  • Are you sure sp.js is actually in the _layouts folder? Try deploying it to a different location, like SiteAssets – Submits Dec 18 '14 at 12:30
  • Yes, I have checked that. – Mancy Desaee Dec 18 '14 at 12:33

Add a reference to "/_layouts/MicrosoftAjax.js" and you no longer get the Type is not defined error. I got the answer here.

  • Sorry to say but even this does not work. – Mancy Desaee Dec 18 '14 at 12:43
  • Try this... <script type="text/javascript" src="//ajax.aspnetcdn.com/ajax/4.0/1/MicrosoftAjax.js"></script> – Avijit Sur Dec 18 '14 at 12:48
  • It is the ditto that I have used. Do you have some other solutions for this mind boggling problem? – Mancy Desaee Dec 18 '14 at 12:50
  • Can you please do something like below using ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded()... var clientContext; ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(initialize,"SP.js"); function initialize() { this.clientContext = SP.ClientContext.get_current(); } – Avijit Sur Dec 18 '14 at 13:06
  • Unless the SP.js file is loaded none of the code you mentioned will execute. – Mancy Desaee Dec 18 '14 at 13:12

Since you have jQuery loaded, perhaps you can use the $.getScript() function to load SP.js:

var scriptbase = siteUrl + '/_layouts/15/';

$.getScript(scriptbase + 'SP.Runtime.js',
    function() {
        $.getScript(scriptbase + 'SP.js', retrieveListItems);

Info on $.getScript() here.

  • What does _spPageContextInfo stand for? I am getting an error in this. – Mancy Desaee Dec 19 '14 at 5:35
  • It contains general info about the page. You can just hard code the site url in place of that. I'll edit my answer. – wjervis Dec 19 '14 at 11:02

always must use

<SharePoint:ScriptLink language="javascript" name="sp.js" OnDemand="true" runat="server" Localizable="false" />

I lost 2 days fighting with this , i dont know why nut it doesnt works using script src


I had the exactly the same problem because i referred the wrong List Column Internal Name in oListItem.get_item('ListFieldName')


I said this before in another question:

Add javascript to sharepoint 2013

you can reference scripts in the masterpage of this forma:

<SharePoint:ScriptLink language="javascript" name="custom.js" OnDemand="true" runat="server" Localizable="false" />

Referncing a java script inside my master page will not fire

NOTE: you can use <SharePoint:ScriptLink language="javascript" name="custom.js" OnDemand="true" runat="server" Localizable="false" /> in a aspx file. For using it with JS SP.SOD.executeFunc('sp.js', 'SP.ClientContext', retrieveListItems);


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