I am trying to get value of item field from the list. The field is a lookup field with integer value. When I am trying get the value it is coming like 9;#9 (shown below). But I need only 9.

enter image description here

web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;
SPList list = web.Lists["Project/Task Status Details"];
SPListItem item = properties.List.GetItemByIdSelectedFields(properties.ListItem.ID, "Project_x002f_Task_x0020_Status_");
int details = (int)item["Project_x002f_Task_x0020_Status_"];//Error here

How get only value of it? not with hash.

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By default, a lookup field contains just one value. In this case, the field value is an object of type String, and the string has the following format: Id;#Value

Use int value = new SPFieldLookupValue(item["Project_x002f_Task_x0020_Status_"] as String).LookupValue to read the lookup value and int id = new SPFieldLookupValue(item["Project_x002f_Task_x0020_Status_"] as String).LookupId to read the Id.

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