I want to add a custom admin application page in central administration. I successfully deployed a custom Group on the default Central Administration Page with the Elements.xml. But now, I have some problems deploying a new "Group Location" to add some new groups to this new created admin application page.

So now... I think I have to register a new "Custom Action Locations" like

  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Applications
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Backups

or something like MSDN: Default Custom Action Locations and IDs

But I have absolutly no idea, how I have to manage this. I cant find more informations for adding this "locations" on technet or msdn.

Did someone figured this out?

Code I want to have (or something like that)

<CustomAction Id="MyOwnID" GroupId="MyOwnGroup"
  Title="Foo" Description="Bar">
<UrlAction Url="_admin/MyCustomPage.aspx" />

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Uff... figured it out!

On Application Page in PlaceHolderMain add the folowing code:

<SharePoint:FeatureLinkSections runat="server"
    CellPadding="4" CellSpacing="4"
    LinkSectionControl="LinkSectionLevel2.ascx" />

The location, which you define here is the new location, where you can bind groups or links or something like that!

I found this Blogpost, which helped me.

This cost me five days... grml!

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