I have a webpart page that has a single Data Form Webpart that is very slow. Appears from Developer Dashboard that the webpart is causing several (long executing) EnsureListItemsData calls. I am assuming that I have some DB issue - but am not sure how to debug further - any help is appreciated! This site was a SP2007 site that was migrated to SP2010. Developer Dashboard info:

BeginRequestHandler (0.04 ms)
◦PostAuthenticateRequestHandler (0.06 ms)
◦PostResolveRequestCacheHandler (16.91 ms)
◾GetWebPartPageContent (15.75 ms)
◾GetFileAndMetaInfo (15.48 ms)
◦GetWebPartPageContent (23.41 ms)
◾GetFileAndMetaInfo (23.25 ms)
◦EnsureListItemsData (48.83 ms)
◦PortalSiteMapDataSource: Determining Starting Node (0.02 ms)
◦PortalSiteMapDataSource: Determining Starting Node#1 (0.01 ms)
◦Add WebParts (18.48 ms)
◾New Service Ticket (0.16 ms)
◾Newly Assigned Service Tickets (18.06 ms)
◦ToolBarMenuButton.CreateChildControls for SiteActions (0.56 ms)
◦ToolBarMenuButton.CreateChildControls for PersonalActions (0.09 ms)
◦SearchBoxEx.OnLoad (0.33 ms)
◾SearchBoxEx.HandleContextualScoping (0.14 ms)
◾SearchBoxEx.GetSpWeb (0.01 ms)
◦Activate web part connections (0.03 ms)
◦DataBinding DataFormWebPart (Newly Assigned Service Tickets) (41.40 ms)
◾EnsureListItemsData (31.89 ms)
◦EnsureListItemsData#1 (1523.61 ms)
◦EnsureListItemsData#2 (1214.19 ms)
◦EnsureListItemsData#3 (1134.38 ms)
◦EnsureListItemsData#4 (1251.88 ms)
◦EnsureListItemsData#5 (1199.81 ms)
◦EnsureListItemsData#6 (1183.24 ms)
◦EnsureListItemsData#7 (1225.59 ms)
◦EnsureListItemsData#8 (1224.11 ms)
◦PortalSiteMapNode: Populating navigation children for web: /APPS/SD (18.91 ms)
◦PortalSiteMapNode: Populating navigation children for web: /APPS/SD#1 (1.95 ms)
◦Render Ribbon. (2.69 ms)
◦Render WebPart Zone Left (0.58 ms)
◾Render WebPart New Service Ticket (0.10 ms)
◾Render WebPart Newly Assigned Service Tickets (0.33 ms)

Database Queries from Developer Dashboard:
proc_FetchDocForHttpGet 15.01 ms
proc_FetchDocForHttpGet 11.75 ms
SELECT t1.[TimeCreated] 45.46 ms
proc_GetCurrent 2.82 ms
proc_GetTpWebMetaDataAndListMetaData 6.08 ms
proc_SecRefreshToken 43.42 ms
proc_GetTpWebMetaDataAndListMetaData 6.13 ms
proc_SecRefreshToken 3.63 ms
proc_GetChanges 3.28 ms
proc_GetListWebParts 12.67 ms
proc_GetListMetaDataAndEventReceivers 6.27 ms
DECLARE @DocParentIdForRF 12.86 ms
SELECT t23.[ntext4], 1520.41 ms
SELECT t23.[ntext4], 1210.92 ms
SELECT t23.[ntext4], 1129.92 ms
SELECT t23.[ntext4], 1247.78 ms
SELECT t23.[ntext4], 1196.30 ms
SELECT t23.[ntext4], 1178.67 ms
SELECT t23.[ntext4], 1220.98 ms
SELECT t23.[ntext4], 1219.56 ms
proc_GetTpWebMetaDataAndListMetaData 7.01 ms
proc_SecRefreshToken 3.77 ms
proc_GetWebNavStruct 6.05 ms

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