After migration from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 the help option (question mark symbol on the right corner) does not work. Opens a new page and says Internet Explorer cannot display error. Help Please!!

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    Is this really SharePoint Foundation, or is it SharePoint Server 2010? What's the URL IE is trying to open when clicking Help?
    – Jussi Palo
    Dec 16 '14 at 12:46
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    its opening _layouts/help.aspx...it is sharepoint server 2010
    – aarthy
    Dec 16 '14 at 12:55
  • What kind of upgrade approach did you use? Dit you do an "In-Place upgrade" or a "Database Attach upgrade"?
    – TempaC
    Dec 17 '14 at 10:34

In SharePoint 2010 Central Administration, go to System Settings > Configure Privacy Options:

Make sure the option External Web-Based Help is set to Yes (Recommended).

SharePoint 2010: External Web-based Help

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