In our company we are looking for a component what allow copied physical files on disk can be pasted on web browser SharePoint 2010.

We have researched about it and everything point to use ActiveXObject, as a matter a fact, this must be only IE solution and it does not matter, here it is an intranet though.

If someone knows some component that can help us, thanks in advance, meanwhile I am trying to make some code but it has not been possible for me to get any reference of the name of the file copied in the system via clipboard. What I have been able to do is to get in the browser some text copied to clipboard, but in none case name's files or whatever we need.

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Sounds like the "Open in Explorer" feature is your best bet. Go to the target library, click the "Library" tab, and click "Open in Explorer" (only works in 32 bit IE). This will make the library look like a regular windows folder, from there you can copy and paste files in.


If you use the upload multiple files option, you can drag and drop files from your workstation into the browser and upload them.


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