I have a custom SHarePoint List that holds a User Lookup.

Now I want to customize the layout in the display or edit form. In both I must render the PeoplePicker Control.

This is my code

(function () {
   var ctx = {};
   ctx.Templates = {};
   overrideContext.Templates.Item= customDisplay;
function customDisplay (ctx){
   var result = ".....<div>MYPEOPLEPICKER_HERE</div>";;

How can I render the PeoplePicker control? Is that possible to do this in the Item-Template?

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Found a solution for this.

I must add the JavaScript files for the controls in the Page (with sharepoint designer). After that I could access the Methods to render the control.

The solution based on this answer: How Can I Use the SharePoint People Picker Control in my Custom Web Part?

I also blogged the solution details in this:


Hope this helps anyone in future.

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