Hi I am working with cascading drop down in a visual web part. I am able to complete this functionality using c# but I want to implement this functionality using JavaScript jquery basically I want to reduce load on server. Can anyone please help. Thanks in advance


For client side cascading drop downs, I use SPServices. If you aren't familiar with it here is a link to the SPCascadeDropdowns.

For this you will have to have your cascading structure defined in lists with lookup fields. After you set that up it's fairly straight forward.

Here's a couple more resources on how to use SPServices and cascading drop downs:

Two Level Cascading Drop Down in SharePoint 2013 using SPServices

Cascading Drop Down Multiple Levels

  • As I mentioned it is not for designer forms or out of box forms.. I need to implement it for a visual web part.. Ascx page – Avinash Dec 10 '14 at 21:07

You can refer following link:


Chandani Prajapati

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