I am provisioning a list declaratively in Visual Studio. In the schema for the list I want to include a field that has multiple lines of text for its description.

Currently I have this in the schema.xml:

<Field Name="Priority1" ID="{dbae015b-a469-4667-b443-c8753366de26}" DisplayName="Priority" Type="Choice" Description="Low: low text\nMedium: medium text\nHigh: high text">

Which results in this in list forms under the Priority field:

Low: low text\nMedium: medium text\nHigh: high text

But I want this:

Low: low text
Medium: medium text
High: high text

Also tried the BR HTML tag but apparently this is not allowed in the schema XML.


I ran into the same issue recently and found that you need to use '&#xD;&#xA;' (HTML-encoded carriage return + line feed) for newlines in the description field. This will result in SharePoint rendering a <br> tag in the browser.

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    In 2013 You can press Enter in Field settings "Description" and it becomes <br> – Gennady G Sep 29 '16 at 20:19
  • @GennadyG Using the Enter also works for SharePoint Online. – Abbas Sep 10 '18 at 9:54

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