I was experimenting with SharePoint 2010 in a VM. After trying my hand with custom app development, I decided I wanted to free up the space used by Visual Studio and so I uninstalled it. After I rebooted I found the web.config file for both my main SharePoint site and Central Administration are blank. The files are ~90KB but are full of spaces. I was able to recover the web.config for the main SharePoint site by using one of the web.config backups stored next to the blank web.config. For Central Administration, no such backup exists.

Is there a way to create a new web.config file for Central Administration?

I do not believe I made any changes to the Central Administration site, but only used Central Administration to create site collections of the SharePoint application.

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You should recreate your central admin web application using psconfig.exe

psconfig.exe -cmd adminvs -provision -port 8080 -windowsauthprovider onlyusentlm


Restore Central Administration Site

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