I am trying to set a URL Field to update the Description and every time i run this ClientSide (via Powershell) I get the following error

Exception calling "ExecuteQuery" with "0" argument(s): "Invalid URL: Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FieldUrlValue

Basically what I'm trying to do is to set the URL to a Folder in a Document Library for a Specific User

The List will show

Users Name



Document Library URL

Currently it shows it all correctly however its not that nice to see a huge URL in the Document Library URL field hence I want to Update it to show the Description which should show "User's Documents"

Easy done on Server Side and I have it Working on Server Side - However I would like to set this Client Side

So an example is





$url = $item["Document_x0020_Url"].url
$ofldurl= new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FieldUrlValue
$ofldurl.URL = $url
$ofldurl.Description = $item["Title"]+"'s"+" "+"Documents"
$item["Document_x0020_Url"] = $ofldurl

I have double Checked and the URL is Set correctly in the Class (or at least it seems it to me) below is the output from the FieldURLValue Variable I had Created




Ryan's Documents                                        



Can Anyone see why this is not working at all or is this just me having a bad day?


I've analyzed the requests sent by your PowerShell snippet and an equivalent version sent by "native" managed client object modell by Fiddler. As far as I see, the difference is caused by the way PS handles (casts) objects in the background.

I found, that this version does what you need:

ofldurl= New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FieldUrlValue
$url = $item["Document_x0020_Url"].Url
$ofldurl.Description = $item["Title"]+"'s"+" "+"Documents"
$ofldurl.Url = $url
$item["Document_x0020_Url"] = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FieldUrlValue]$ofldurl

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