Is it possible in SP2013 to configure multiple email accounts for the outgoing email?

I wish to have one email address for each web application.

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Yes, You can.

  • Go to the Central Admin > Application management > Web Application >Manage Web Application
  • Click on the Web Application(which email address you want to change) and from Ribbion Click on the Setting Drop down and Hit Outgoing-Email.
  • On Pop up you can enter outgoing email address.

Yes, you can configure outgoing email per web application. Navigate to "Manage web application" from central administration -> Select a web application -> Clcik on the General settings DROPDOWN from the top ribbon and you can set the outgoing email settings for the web application there.

You still need to have your default farm level settings in place. Refer this

Did you know that you can also configure outgoing email for a specific Web application? You might want to do this if you have multiple SharePoint Web Applications hosting specific site collections and would want a different From and or Reply Address setup.

Even though we are now going to configure outgoing email for a specific Web application, you are still required to setup the default farm outgoing email settings as per the above.

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