Hi I've added a CQWP and edited the item.xslt to provide a new Item Style. In the webpart properties (Fields to display) I've added columns for Image, Title and Description.

The CQWP is expecting a path like /sites/siteA/doclib/image1.jpg for Image field.

However I dont want to provide the full path in the column (text) but only the library and filename (/doclib/image1.jpg)

This is because I want to create a site template and having a absolute path wont work. I've tried making the list column equal ../doclib/image1.jpg but that doesnt work.

Can the webpart be edited to provide the first part of the path dynamically like /sites/currentsite and append the incoming remainder of /doclib/image1.jpg?


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In item.xslt, first define parameter <xsl:param name="HttpVDir"/> then before relative URL of your image, use the value <xsl:value-of select="$HttpVDir" /> to get the URL of the current website that contains the list.

XSLT Global Parameters

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